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Topspin Monkeys 2-5 yr olds

Topspin Monkeys aims to create a fun and positive learning experience so children develop emotionally, physically and socially for everyday life.

Using specially adapted tennis equipment, sessions include a series of activities and games which focus on the three areas of skill development in order to play tennis. They are Movement Skills, Ball Skills (improving hand eye coordination) and Racket Skills. Tennis incorporates striking, catching, throwing and running which helps improve skills in other sports.

photoIn addition, children learn to listen to instructions whilst having fun and learning. We also use colours, numbers, shapes and letters to help with their educational development so they feel better prepared for primary school and for life.

Children experience the importance of sportsmanship and fair play. They are encouraged to give high fives and shake hands whether they win or lose, but also to give their best at all times. Social skills are developed through the child sharing and allowing others to have their turn.

Above all, our sessions provide an opportunity for parent/carer and child to interact through a fun environment which in today’s busy lifestyle is so important. Tennis is a sport where children and parents can play and learn together which encourages fitness and enjoyment for all.
Topspin Tennis Schools 5-8 yr olds and private lessons

5 to 6 yrs old - Consistency is key, so it is important that children hit as many shots as possible in every class so they feel comfortable whether hitting forehands, backhands, volleys or serves. As they get to the end of the age category, they develop more control and are beginning to rally. Children begin to work more together with less parental participation.

photo7 -8 yrs old - Children learn to refine their tennis strokes, but in particular racket control. In addition there is a greater focus on movement and receiving skills, shot selection and basic tactical understanding and begin to learn the rules and scoring system for mini tennis.

Private Lessons - Private lessons for children can help to nurture their talent and build their self confidence with the undivided attention of the coach. We can provide individual or paired lessons for children of any age and ability at a venue near to you. If you would like to organise an individual lesson or want further information, please click below.

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