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Terms and Conditions
  1. Topspin Tennis Schools are responsible for delivery of sessions.
  2. The participant, in enrolling for Topspin Tennis Schools, does so at his/her risk. Topspin Tennis Schools, its owner and coaches shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from personal injury or loss of property.
  3. All fees are non refundable once the student has been accepted on the course and is not transferable between children.
  4. No refund will be provided for children withdrawing from the course after it commences.
  5. If possible, Topspin Tennis Schools clothing to be worn to all sessions.
  6. Appropriate footwear for tennis must be worn for classes. Sandals, crocs or boots are not considered suitable for classes (See point 2 in Terms and Conditions).
  7. Payment must be made before the start of each block of sessions.
  8. Sessions will start and finish on time and so please make sure your child arrives promptly ready to start each session.
  9. Parents/Carers are expected to take part in each session.
  10. Topspin Tennis Schools reserve the right to exclude children from classes if the coaches deem the behaviour of the student unacceptable.
  11. Topspin Tennis Schools reserves the right to cancel a course if enrolment numbers are less than 3. This is, however, an infrequent situation. In such cases, a choice of a full refund or a place on another Topspin Tennis Schools course. In this eventuality, alternative course venues and dates may not be as suitable to the ones which were originally intended.
  12. We reserve the right to change the course venue and time without prior notice.
By enrolling my child for Topspin Tennis Schools I agree to the above term and conditions and will not hold Topspin Tennis Schools, its owner or coaches responsible for any injury to my child or any damage to property as a result of attending Topspin Tennis Schools classes.

Confidentiality Agreement
  • Topspin Tennis Schools is a tennis specific play programme for children 2-12 years of age. The programme is made up of the coaching sessions which follow set lesson plans and the use of specially designed equipment which together are called the programme.
  • By attending a Topspin Tennis Schools class to agree to the following: 1) To keep the Topspin Tennis Schools lesson content confidential which also prohibits the use of video cameras within sessions 2) Not to copy directly or indirectly the lesson content unless you have been given authorisation by the owner.
  • Not to copy or use any part of the Topspin Tennis Schools system unless you have been given specific authorisation.
  • Not directly or indirectly manage, operate or assist in any organisation that competes with Topspin Tennis Schools, either while the child is a member of Topspin Tennis Schools or for a period of two years afterwards.
Privacy Agreement

We will only record your e-mail address if you send us a message. Your e-mail address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and it will not be added to a mailing list or used for any other purpose without your consent. We will only send e-mails to you if you have elected to receive such e-mails or if they are in response to an email we have received from you.

Topspin Tennis Schools will only use your child’s personal data including sensitive personal data for coach education purposes only and to send you, by post or email/SMS information related to those purposes.

Topspin Tennis Schools will also add your name and contact details to a database and you will receive relevant information about classes and newsletters unless you let us know. We will not provide your personal information to other third parties.

Safeguarding policy

  Download the Topspin Tennis Schools Safeguarding policy

Diversity and Inclusion policy

  Download the Topspin Tennis Schools Diversity and Inclusion policy


While Topspin Tennis Schools has taken every effort to ensure that the information contained within the website is correct, you should be aware that the information may be incomplete, inaccurate or may have become out of date.

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